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Anderson hardwood floors are all over the town – in homes, hospitals, boutiques, and schools. But wood is also in demand for the vital role it plays in the forest ecosystem.

Anderson’s Cross-Locked Engineered® and Appalachian’s Torsion-Locked System™ floor construction methods use less than half as much wood as is used by the manufactures of old-fashioned solid lumber floors. This innovative construction makes the most out of every log while increasing stability and durability up to 100%. Our eco-engineering doesn’t stop there. Upon a customer registering their floor, Anderson will plant a hardwood tree in their honor in one of America’s heritage forests through the Hardware Forestry Fund.


Leader in the manufacturing and marketing of superior quality prefinished hardwood flooring, Boa-Franc outruns the competition thanks to:

The passion of its people, Its commitment to innovation, Its unique know-how, The strength of its sales network.


Visitors to our plants see first hand why Boa-Franc has such an enviable reputation in the industry. Our employees are dedicated to ensuring the superior quality of our products and services every step of the way, from raw material selection to final delivery.

Eastern Elegance

Eastern Elegance is made from bamboo which is an environmentally friendly, high-yield, 100% rapidly renewable resource that releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent strands of trees.

Facts about bamboo:

Bamboo is derived from a plant, not a tree, called Mao Shu or "Hairy" bamboo, the hardest of all tall grass species. Bamboo is the fastest growing canopy for the re-greening of degraded lands.

Bamboo stands (forests) mature in three years, and regenerate without the need for replanting.

Harvested by hand within five years, the natural canopy and canopy inhabitants are not disturbed.

Naturally resists odor, bacteria, mildew, and insects. Second only to concrete for strength and ranked first for stiffness (compared on a mass-per-volume basis to concrete, steel, and wood).

Compared to hardwood bamboo creates a greater yield of raw material usage. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource and adhesives used in the manufacturing process have virtually no formaldehyde.

Nature's Beauty

Offering twenty-one beautiful exotic and domestic species, this 9/16-inch engineered flooring boasts extra wide and long length boards. The hearty 4mm wear-layer is finished in an extremely durable aluminum oxide, designed for today’s busy lifestyle.


Kährs and wood - a 150-year love story
Nature is Kährs inspiration, and Kährs provider. It´s not a matter of processing raw materials, but of making the most of wood´s intrinsic beauty and expressiveness.So, Kährs assess each individual log, and exploit its natural shape and pattern to create a unique wood floor character. But if the floors are to remain beautiful whilst tolerating wear and tear, they also need inherent quality. Because Kährs have worked with wood since 1857, you can be sure of getting everything you have the right to expect from a genuine, quality wood floor. The world´s first engineered hardwood floor. A major milestone in our history, and in the history of wood, was passed in 1941 when Gustaf Kähr, grandchild of Kährs founder, was granted a patent for multi-layer parquet board. The world´s first engineered hardwood floor came to light. This construction made the floor more stable, and utilized the raw material in a new way that gave greater consideration to resources. And today it still forms the basis of the technique we use to manufacture our floors. Decades of innovations There are countless other examples of innovation in our history as a floor manufacturer. In the 1960s, for example, Kährs were the first to offer floorboards with a factory applied prefinish, a revolutionary innovation that rapidly became an industry standard. In the 1990s we were the first floor manufacturer to achieve demanding quality and environmental certification. And in 2000 Kährs introduced the world´s first, and only, parquet floor with the glue-less woodlock joint, for faster laying and perfect results.

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